Necessary basic knowledge is missing in many cloud projects

Early in my career as a software engineer I got a very good advice from a hand full of well-known veterans in the software industry.

I asked them the following question: “How can I become a software engineer / architect as you are?”

How can I become a good software engineer / architect?

And I got back the following answer:

You have two options

I had accepted this answer, implemented it and now enjoy my professional career for more than 11 years.

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Current situation within many cloud projects

I also got this question multiple times in my last roles and companies.
In the course of time, and especially since I’m a Cloud Solution Architect, I’m not getting these questions anymore.

They are typically asking

Usually my colleagues and me can help with all of them.

But if we look under the hood, too often we are seeing, that software development fundamentals are not known / applied - in each of the most important areas (in my point of view):

The reality is:

and so on, are really hard!

All of them are nothing for beginners, junior developers without any mentor - all of them require the basics of good software development.

Call to action to all product teams and their managers

Please ensure that your team has already a solid maturity level in software development,
before you are developing the next highly sophisticated software systems in the cloud.

We all know that the advanced and experts in our industry are too few and it is hard to get them. But then please ensure, that your team has

to build a strong foundation to build something big on it!

My recommendations for Software Development Fundamentals

I have created a whole page which contains all my recommendations for Software Development Fundamentals:

Software Development Fundamentals

This page will be updated each time I found anything valuable to share with the community.

I wish you all happy learning from the failures from the past!